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Nautical Almanac 1976 Pdf [UPDATED] Download

The Canadian Hydrographic Service offers two charts for instructional purposes. These charts represent a cross-section of content found on Canadian charts and are used by marine training programs as part of their course and examination materials. These instructional charts contain "fictitious data" that has been included for training purposes and should not be used for navigation. These two charts are: 1) Chart 9996IC, Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons - Training Chart A/escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance - carte de formation (CPS-A). 2) Chart 9997IC, Cape Hurd to/à Lonely Island.Sailing DirectionsThe Sailing Directions booklets are an indispensable companion to nautical charts. They are a great tool for planning and assisting in navigation because they provide information that cannot be shown on a chart. It is the mariners' responsibility to maintain their digital Sailing Directions file by ensuring that the latest version is always downloaded. If the mariner chooses to print their own Sailing Directions booklet, it is imperative that the current Notices to Mariners updates are applied. Areas: Atlantic Coast - Central Canada - Pacific Coast - Northern Canada. Cumulative Corrections for Sailing Directions

nautical almanac 1976 pdf download


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