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[S1E17] The Pill ((HOT))

In the episode "The Pill" of That '70s Show, Jackie confides in Eric that she might be pregnant, which he then tells Donna. This inspires Donna to go on birth control pills. Unfortunately, Bob and the Formans find out, causing Eric a lot of grief.

[S1E17] The Pill


This episode was a surprise to some viewers, as they were expecting the plot to be about the morning after pill. Despite this, the show still captures the teenage life of the characters well. It is a great representation of the pressures and decisions young people often have to make.

Through research, Morgan discovers Lucy is addicted to pain pills, and her case of "shingles" was a cover. When Lucy claims she lost the pills she was given, Morgan confronts her and talks her into going to rehab. 041b061a72


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