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Explore New Horrors and Adventures with Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Map pack v.3.0

After obtaining the ladder piece, Justine must then climb the ladder to reach the room holding Dr. Fournier. If the user attempts to let Dr. Fournier live, theyre presented with a new puzzle: the Sewer King. If the player unlocks him and then lets him live, this will allow the player to enter an elevator located near the entrance of the tower, which takes them to the East-most sector. Once there, they will face the Sewer King, who can now be defeated for the first time. After speaking to him, he will leave, giving the player access to a locked door. This room houses mementos, including a photograph of Dario Giachetti, Justine, and Sophia. If the S-Key is obtained from the Sewer King, this will allow access to the room with the Gersh monitor, as well as the Overlook, containing mementos, a pair of scissors, and a tin can. Unlike the S-Key, the Overlook key is not required to go through the Sewer King. If not, the player will be forced to go back to the Prison block and find the Sewer King, who will not be able to be killed this time, though he will leave again.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Map pack v.3.0 game

Once the player returns to the prison block, they are then forced to face the Headless Woman, who is the second suitor to appear. She speaks to the player about a picture of a girl on the wall. If the player goes on to pick up the scissors on the floor, the Headless Woman will offer her severed hands. She will then run away, leaving the player access to a wooden area that leads to the second moth room with another ladder. To get the part of the ladder, the player must push a box down the ladder to lower it, requiring more effort than the prison cell in the previous room. Once up top, the Headless Woman will go down the ladder to encounter the next phase.


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