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Keygen Smoke 2011 32 Bits Ingles

This tobacco smells great and looks good and dark with some light ribbons in there. Taste is not offensive and if you just want to puff an write...well... this performs admirably. Nice taste, nice room note, nice smell in the jar...this tobacco has lots going for it. The problem is, when you start to move your fingers through the tobacco you feel lots of hard and spiky things. It almost feels like shards of wood are in there along with hard but spongy bits. When packing the bowl of my pipe I found myself pouring a lot into the palm of my hand then spend a few minutes picking out all the wood. Obviously the tobacco here is the leftovers from some great tobaccos. What we get from this is the stems from the leaf and the big veins mixed in. Makes sense that the makers don't tin this stuff. I won't buy any more. Once I have a bowl packed it stays lit and smells and tastes good. Lacking a bit of complexity but very nice as a background while I write. Problem is that my pipe smoking is one of my special pleasuresthat does not involve another person (along with a good smokey islay scotch) . Why should I waste my money on leftover tobacco? Tobaccos that taste like this and smell like this MUST come in nice tins and a good presentation. I don't mind picking pine needles out of my chantrelle mushrooms but leave them out of my smoking tobacco.

Keygen Smoke 2011 32 Bits Ingles


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