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[S8E6] Parents ##VERIFIED##

"A Milhouse Divided" is the sixth episode of the eighth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox Network in the United States on December 1, 1996. In the episode, Milhouse's parents Kirk and Luann get a divorce, causing Homer to examine his own marriage. It was directed by Steven Dean Moore and is the only episode for which Steve Tompkins has sole writing credit.[1]

[S8E6] Parents

"A Milhouse Divided" is the only episode for which Steve Tompkins has sole writing credit, although he had been a part of the writing staff for several years.[3] The writers wanted to do an episode that involved a couple getting divorced.[4] The Van Houtens were chosen because the writers felt that they were the most developed couple next to Marge and Homer and the Lovejoys.[5] The scene in the episode "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" where Milhouse is in a jet pretending to fire missiles at his parents is where they got the idea to have his parents' marriage be in trouble.[6] A deleted scene involving Kirk's firing from the cracker factory had him trying to save his job by apologizing for crying repeatedly at business meetings, along with Kirk revealing that his severance package consisted of a box of crackers (which birds attempted to take away from him when he went to his car after being fired).

In 1970, the charity changed its name to the National Council for One Parent Families. It merged with Gingerbread in 2007. That charity assists single parents in England and Wales and its president today is Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

They enter their patient's room, greeting the parents. Mrs. Moser urges her husband to get out of the bed, as it's their son's. They start fighting until their son comes out of the bathroom. Tyler introduces himself and Callie informs Cristina he's suffering from cervical spondylosis. Due to a car accident, his neck was injured more, so they are gonna build him a new one in a three day three-part surgery.

The parents are looking at their newborn, named Emma. Outside the room, Meredith and Lexie are watching them and Meredith is informing Lexie on the sort of tumor Mary has - it's called a butterfly tumor because it extends into both sides of the brain, and she will die in 6 months, which is the reason they decided to have a baby now. Meredith gives her all Mary's scans. She wants her to talk to Derek about Mary and get him to do a consult. Lexie says she's better off taking the scans herself because Derek hates her, but Meredith reminds her the only thing keeping their marriage from falling apart is not to talk about neuro, which is why he can't know she has anything to do with it. Lexie realizes she's being used, but Meredith says that inspiring Derek will make him stop hating her.

Callie tells Tyler Moser that they removed all the old hardware today, so they're all set to implant the cage tomorrow. Callie advises Tyler to rest and the parents start arguing over who will stay with Tyler. An annoyed Tyler asks if the visiting hours aren't over already and Callie supports him. The parents leave and Callie says surgery brings out the worst in people, but Tyler says it's marriage that does it for them. He's grateful they dropped everything to take care of him, but the second he's better, he's moving out. He needs some peace and quiet. Callie will help him to get him some now. Tyler falls asleep, but is soon woken up by Cristina, who is coming to check on his reflexes every half hour to make sure there is no nerve damage from the surgery.

Cristina checks Tyler's reflexes again. They're good. He asks if she knows she snores. She does, and she's been told it's adorable. Tyler tells her it's not. His parents come in and the mother blames his father for being late. She wants to offer him donuts, but Cristina says he can't eat before the surgery. The father says he told her so, while she thinks one donut won't hurt. Cristina says it will and she takes away the donuts.

Callie tells her patient that pretty soon, he'll be able to do everything by himself. The parents start fighting about whether or not their son will be allowed to do sports, until he yells at them to get a divorce. He gets how they stayed together for him through college and through his neck thing, but those are all over now. They're free to leave each other now. He says it's obvious they hate each other, so they should each go their separate ways. "Just get a divorce!" Tyler yells again. Callie suggest they give Tyler some space and the parents leave the room. Callie stays behind and asks him how that felt. "Awesome," he says, making them both laugh.

Arizona and Mark are cooking together at Callie and Arizona's apartment. Callie comes in with pizza and beer. Mark doesn't understand why she brought pizza, as he just made them coq au vin. Callie takes the pan and dumps it in the trash can. She tells Mark she loves him, she loves how great he is with their daughter, she loves that he and Arizona are friends now, but he needs to leave tonight, because she needs to eat pizza and drink beer in bed with her wife, tell her about the neck she built today and then they're gonna have lots and lots of sex. They're great parents, but they're more than that. They're hot, and sexy, and their new hobby is getting in the way of their sex life. Arizona is impressed with Callie as Callie asks Mark to start having sex again. But not tonight, because tonight, he's babysitting. He asks if he can at least have some pizza. Callie gives him one slice, and then shows him the door. She and Arizona start making out as Mark leaves.

Anyway, we pick up where we left off last week. As you may recall, Mariah shocked all of the parents when she announced that she, like her father Kody, likes the ladies.

Mariah tells us that Robyn is the first person she ever met that said it was okay to be gay. (Who would have thought that Robyn would be the most progressive of the Brown bunch!?) Mariah says that, although none of her other parents ever said anything bad about gay people, it was drilled into her at church that being gay was a horrible thing.

That night, all of the older kids go out for drinks. Mariah, Mykelti, Tony, Maddie, Caleb, Aspyn, Logan and his girlfriend Michelle are all chatting, and everyone is trying to ignore the elephant in the room, which is that Mariah just came out to the parents. Finally Maddie can hold it in no more and asks Mariah how the parents took the news of her being gay.

At the end of the episode, the parents all gather on a couch to wax poetic about what the next few years bring for them. They say more marriages and grandbabies, of course, and Meri just sits there with a confused look on her face. OK, seriously, can someone help explain the baby-making process to Meri?! This is getting embarrassing!

Stan tells his parents about the Jeffersons and Sharon decides to invite them over to the dinner party they are having with Gerald, Sheila, Stephen, and Linda. The adults try to talk with Jefferson later that night at the dinner, but he is more shy around adults than children and manages to creep out the other parents when he praises the children. Cartman is jealous that they are having Jefferson over without him and shows up to see what they were doing. Right when he is ranting, Stan just closes the door on him.

At the Park County Police Station, Harrison Yates gets a new report from Mitch Murphy of the Jeffersons that says they are wealthy and black, so the whole department sets off to frame him for a crime. At Stan's house, he is woken by a knock on the window which turns out to be Mr. Jefferson dressed up as Peter Pan who wants to play. Cartman then comes through the window after Jefferson not wanting Stan to have Jefferson all to himself. Kyle then shows up at the door with Blanket who he found alone in his backyard, but Jefferson will not take him home because they pretend their house is haunted. All of them sleep over at Stan's house in the same bed, including Mr. Jefferson. During their sleepover, Stan has a disturbing dream of Cartman and Jefferson making out. That next morning Stan's parents walk in to see Jefferson in Stan's bed and reprimand Mr. Jefferson for this instance of inappropriate behavior and tell him to leave, and he does with Blanket after paying Randy and Sharon Marsh $100.00 each to not say anything. It works on Randy but Sharon forbids the boys to see Jefferson anymore, none who have a problem with it except Cartman who tells Sharon, "Not go to Mr. Jefferson's anymore? Well, excuse my French, Mrs. Marsh, but you can suck my fat hairy balls."

As they arrive at the scene, Sam remarks that it doesn't seem like their kind of thing. A woman named Mary Lew went crazy and killed her husband, Chester Lew. Dean thinks it's a case--the man was practically decapitated--and when they get out of the Impala they find another hunter already there: Garth. Garth is posing as a Texas ranger and wearing a cowboy hat. He sees Sam and Dean and gives them both a hug, saying that he missed them. Then his cell phone rings, and a row of different cell phones can be seen in the inner pockets of his jacket when he answers it. On the call, Garth gives advice to another hunter on how to kill a revenant. Afterwards, Sam asks Garth if he's the new Bobby, and he says that after Bobby died and Sam and Dean disappeared, he stepped in. Dean is upset, but Garth says they can talk about it later. He introduces the brothers to Scott Lew, Mary and Chester's son, but Scott can only tell them that his parents were high school sweethearts - he doesn't know why Mary snapped.

Gina's car is found abandoned at the station yard as several trains move through. Grissom and Jack board a passenger train and eventually come across a man in a green baseball cap. The man tells them that someone gave him $100 to wear the cap and get on the train. They make their way back to Gina's car and find her body in the trunk. Brass calls Grissom and informs him that Gina was supposed to pick her son Kobe up from school and never showed. Someone matching Terry's description came instead and was driving Gina's car. The school principal says that Kobe seemed to recognize Terry. Upon finding a handheld game and a juice box in the back of the car, Grissom realizes that the state trooper was waving at Kobe, who was sitting in the back seat. Grissom remembers that the kid from the original kidnapping was adopted when he was six years old and that his birth parents were unknown. They figure out that Terry tracked down his ex-wife and took back his son. 041b061a72


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