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Cuspal Interlink Theory Pdf Free Download

1. Rahu in Ketu Star - As per the Bhava occupied and ownedbyKetu. And as per the cuspal positions in which Ketu. appearsasStar, Sub or Sub-Sub. (For Sub-Sub and cuspal Interlinkages theorydiscussed in later chapters.). Since Rahu is inKetu Star, it willbe considered in the Star of those planetswhich Ketu representsi.e. in this case Rahu and Mercury.Therefore Rahu as Rahu will alsooffer the following results:Rahu in Rahu Star: As per the houseoccupied and ownedby Rahu. (And the cuspal positions where Rahuappears asStar, Sub or Sub-Sub).Rahu in Mercury Star: As per thehouse occupied and ownedby Mercury. (And the cuspal positions whereMercury appearsas Sign, Star, Sub or Sub-Sub).

Cuspal Interlink Theory Pdf Download


I am at a loss for words to express how highly indebted and appreciative I am for having been gifted the opportunity of being associated with Shri R S Chani since the year 2002. He is a very dedicated and devoted student of Sub Sub and Cuspal interlink theory developed by me..


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